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Hvor Vesten Begynner Syttende Mai Dinner and Institution

Fort Worth Lodge 1-654 of Sons of Norway - Thursday May 17, 2001

The Fort Worth Lodge, Hvor Vesten Begynner, which translates to Where the West Begins, is a lodge of Sons of Norway District 1 and is number 654. The lodge was instituted on Syttende Mai (17th of May) 2001. Though instituted the lodge is continuing to accept membership applications from those interested in Norwegian culture and history. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Meetings are held at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Downtown Fort Worth. During the summer months we meet at Ol’South Pancake House on University Drive.

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The preparations for the lodge's big event:

The Saturday before, baking cookies in the church's kitchen; the night before, table and room decorations are set up; that afternoon final cooking and food preparations as well as last minute set-up. Thanks to: Gus Melendez - Palmadahl Lodge - Mc Allen, TX; Norine Cherry - Nordtex Lodge - Plano, TX; Barbara Murphy; Scott Murphy; John Eberly; Jerry Grotta; Kellie Alexander; John King; Karen King; Nancy Friesen; Helen Eberly; Lyle Eberly; J.C. White and Cathy Dickensen (who unfortunately was unable to attend do to her father's health). Mange tusen takk to all.

The Big Event!

Flag and Bunad (National Dress) Parade, the Masters of Ceremonies: Robert Tabbert Vice President of Sons of Norway District 1, Presentations of Bunader; Presentations of Colors: Canada, Kingdom of Norway and United States of America; Pledge of Allegiance; National Anthems; Invocation: Roger Field, Secretary Sons of Norway District 1; Norwegian Table Prayer; Smorgasbord Dinner of Norwegian Food - Cold table koldt bord, Warm Table varm mat, Dessert Dessert; A Norwegian Toast; Lodge Institution Presentation; Brief Lodge Meeting; Election & Installation of Charter Officers, and the Raffle. A special velkommen and takk to all our visiting Sons of Norway dignitaries, other lodge members and special guests who have joined us to celebrate the lodge’s institution on this special day,syttende mai..


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